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Doctor Billman Cover Doctor Billman Free!
by Robert Vilums
Doctor Billman is the true story of the author’s experience of a horrifying, and yet comical visit to the dentist seen through the eyes of a 7 year old child. Doctor Billman was a retired dentist that performed dental work on patients in unsanitary conditions at an extreme discount to feed his hobby and/or fantasies.
A short story in ebook format. Also available on iTunes & Nook.

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After Time
After Time
It is "After Time." What can happen? Who is there to see it? What do they do? Then what?

A short science fiction inspired piece demonstrating a variety of techniqes available to anyone today. now!

Brown Vs. Brown
Brown vs. Brown
(clash of the titans, or is it true love?)

While hiking through untamed Texas, I happened to catch two UPS trucks going at it in the wild one day! See for yourself! now!

Hendricks Air Flying Cucumber over Wimberley, Texas
Hendrick's Air "Flying Cucumber" Over Wimberley, Texas
Walked outside and saw this coming toward me, ran in and grabbed a camera. That eye looking down is very strange. It was all over in minutes. Only later did I find out it was a giant flying cucumber! now!

Going Home Film
Going Home
by Ivars Vilums
1 minute

"Heading home is great after going back home with a friend."

Shortlisted in the BFI International Film Festival, London, England, October, 2011 in the Chevrolet/Mofilm short film competition. now!


by Ivars Vilums
starring Phoenix & Athena
1 minute

"Wanting is the seed of future accomplishment, even when you are only two."

A re-edit of a film that was Shortlisted in the Mofilm/Pepsi Short Films Competition, Shanghai International Film Festival, Shanghai, China, May, 2011. now!

Dit It! watch
Dig It!
by Ivars Vilums
2 minute 20 seconds

"Create your future now or you will end up where you are headed. What are you creating today?" now!

Tidings Preview
a preview of an original series in development

The universes are a big place and there is a lot going on. Not only is there a lot of space, but there is a lot of time, and inhabitants everywhere wondering what it is all about. Things happen all the time, everywhere, and some use that to advantage, for good and for bad. Then there are those few who report it and put it all in perspective.The former are not often thrilled with the latter, but the latter have a few tricks up their sleeves! to the Tidings web site

Springtime Sunday
Springtime Sunday
"It's a beautiful Springtime Sunday in the Hill Country near Wimberley, Texas and I just had to get away from all the computer graphics and animation and get out with just a camera and capture and share some of it. Everything in the film was shot within a couple hundred feet of home. The music track was created using Scorefittertm. I hope you enjoy the peace, serenity, and vitality of nature emerging from winter's hibernation in this part of the world."    --Ivars Vilums now!

j. S. Bach
Free! The Timeless Toccata and Fugue in D-Minor
This is the complete version of J. S. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D-Minor (BWV 565) in a new realization by Ivars Vilums for his animated film "Spooks!"
"...a bit more lighthearted than the usual performance. I hope you enjoy it!"
--Ivars Vilums

download now (mp3, 256k, 15.7MB)
(by downloading you agree to the terms of the license below. Don't worry, they're easy!)

Then go and get some goodies from our Spook Elements Collection!

Free!The soundtrack for the short film "Dig It!" by Ivars Vilums. (Originally entered in the Mofilm/PepsiFilms Poland competition in 2011.)
"Occupy your future or you will end up elsewhere."

Click to watch the re-edited version of the film!

"Alien" - Coming for You!Free!
This is a very short (13 seconds) animation by Ivars Vilums of an "alien" like creature flying into view, stopping to stretch, and then lunging at the camera. It was an early test sequence created during the making of "Spooks!"  but never used. In spite of several flaws it has a charm of its own and we've had many requests for copies so we are making it available for all to use at no cost. Released to the public domain, so
Make something out of it and Enjoy!

Alien Creature - 1080p only             download now (mp4, 5.2MB)

Candy Man
Free!Halloween Greeters!
These are quick (< 20 seconds) Halloween style greeting videos by Ivars Vilums for your unfettered imaginitive use. The man says "Mmm..Oh, my!...What have we here? Would you like some candy?" The woman says "Oh, my...My pretty, pretty, pretties! Please come inside!" Both fade in and out with swirling smoke. Use them for a door display, hook them up to the doorbell, or put them on your phone. Replace the sound with your own greeting! Both released to the public domain, so have at it and have fun! (we'd love to hear what you do with them - drop us a line or some pictures.)

Available as 720p HD files or as much smaller compact files. Use what suits you or get them all!

Halloween Greeter - Man 720p             download now (mp4, 14MB)
Halloween Greeter - Man compact        download now (mp4, 1.3MB)
Halloween Greeter - Woman 720p        download now (mp4, 8.8MB)
Halloween Greeter - Woman compact   download now (mp4, 1MB)

Make your own live holographic projector!
Discussion and Details here!

License Details
"Can You Dig It?"
soundtrack  from the film "Dig It"
written and performed by Ivars Vilums
(c)2011 by Ivars Vilums


"Spooks! Soundtrack - Tocatta and Fugue in D-Minor"
by J. S. Bach, realized by Ivars Vilums
(c)2012 by Ivars Vilums

are both released under
the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

You are free:
to share - to copy, distribute and transmit the work
to remix - to adapt the work under the following conditions:
attribution - you must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).

The "Alien" and "Halloween Greeters" Videos are released to the Public Domain.
Please Enjoy and pass them around!

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