The Story of Father Ev
A film by Ivars Vilums
Starring Father Everette Trebtoske
Hosted by Lisa Moerbe
length: 48 minutes

IMDb listing of "The Story of Father Ev"

Father Ev (Father Everette Trebtoske), now retired but much loved pastor of St. Mary parish in Wimberley, Texas, talks about the important, memorable, meaningful, and humorous events of his life. From his days as a star football player and his calling, his work at Boys Town, Cristo Rey, and finally retiring as pastor of St. Mary in Wimberley, Texas, he takes you through his life's adventures and escapades.

For those who knew and remember him this is a memorable journey into his amazing past that you will enjoy and treasure. For everyone else it is the insightful journey of a child saving a candle and finding his calling leading to a life of service and beyond.

erview filmed in September of 2010 in Wimberley, Texas.)


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