About The Eastjesus Company

Ever heard the phrase "That's way out in Eastjesus!" Well, that's what we are - "way out" - as they used to say back in the 1960's. It's a new kind of company for a new epoch, looking to use the best of the old and combine it with fresh new insights and ways of being to be of value to people for a new day, a day where being of service to people and creating a better world FOR PEOPLE are equally as important as bottom line profits, a day where creating value and wealth are vitally more needed than just shuffling things and taking more of what's already there, where the bottom line is a tool not an end. It really is a matter of survival!

Doing that requires imagination, seeing things that have never been seen before and making them real. That's what The Eastjesus Company is all about. Literally something out of nothing for the benefit of all. That is the essence of creation! A place where imagination thrives unfettered and free and is the basis for new things that make a
real difference in people's lives.

To that end, we look forward to hosting a thriving community where ideas, inventions, and thoughts - odd, "out there," and mundane - are freely exchanged and used in new ways by all participants. We look forward to hosting an archive of old ideas and projects as well as capturing and sharing new ones that may just be waiting for that spark, or even might be the spark that someone needs. We hope to see these turn into real projects that make a positive difference in people's lives. It's a place where ideas, tools, techniques, and insights are plentiful and shared freely just so someone can craft something of value out of them.

The way of things is seldom a straight line. Ideas have to ferment and percolate but they always start out as a story.  Telling the story of something new is the essence of creating it and here you'll find stories being expressed in many ways. As they do they bear all kinds of fruit. The Company Store is a place where some of this "fruit" ends up. Ideas turn into stories turn into books, films, songs, and many other forms of expression.
We bring life to stories and stories to life. Creating and telling stories is a big focus here and you will find more of that than anything else. That's where all futures start. Some stories turn into projects and some projects turn into products. The Company Store is the place where you can buy and sample all these things. Some things are more ready than others, some things can be made in quantity while others are one of a kind. It's all art - the art of creation. When you buy something from the company store you are participating in building a new and better future.

We trust that you enjoy your visit and hope that you choose to participate in a way that works for you. We greatly welcome your comments, suggestions, and any assistance you may wish to give and hope that you tell someone you know about us. That person just might be the one that makes all the difference in the world!

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"
-Albert Einstein

In addition to the facilities on our web site, you can also reach us:

    by email:      info@eastjesus.net

    by US mail:  The Eastjesus Company
                         PO Box 2921
                         Wimberley, TX 78676

    by telephone: 1-866-666-2202
              by fax: 1-866-252-0666

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