2 Short & 1 Taller Tales

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2 Short & 1 Taller Tales
A film by Ivars Vilums
Starring Ivars Vilums, Phoenix Back, Athena Back
Length: 6 minutes

IMDb listing of "2 Short & 1 Taller Tales"

3 short animations in 1 collection by Ivars Vilums
Going Home
"Heading out after going back home with a friend." Shortlisted in the BFI International Film Festival, London, England, October, 2011 in the Chevrolet/Mofilm short film competition. Re-edited and re-mastered.

A Halloween themed animation inspired by memories of riding through an old style carnival fun house to the sounds of a new realization of J. S. Bach's iconic Toccata in D-Minor. Re-edited and re-mastered.

"Wanting is the seed of future accomplishment, even when you are only two." Shortlisted in the Mofilm/Pepsi Short Films Competition, Shanghai International Film Festival, May, 2011. Re-edited and re-mastered.

About Ivars Vilums

Retired and living near Wimberley, Texas, Ivars has been indulging his creative side the past few years. In addition to making films he also writes stories, records music, and tinkers with new inventions. He has over 40 years experience in inventing and developing new technologies and created the first commercial wireless broadband Internet service in the world in the mid 1990's in Austin, Texas. He has been working on creating a "virtual studio" for film production and these demonstrate some of his early creations. more...


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